Hitech Heat Treatment Services Pte Ltd

High-Technology . Heat Treatment

HITECH Heat Treatment

Hitech specializes in providing quality heat treatment services for the manufacturing industries, including: Aviation · Automotive · Marine · Medical · Oil and gas · Maintenance repair overhaul (MRO) · Semi-Conductors · Electrical/ Electronics · Precision machining · Mold making · Die-casting molds · Stamping tools and dies · 3D-printing/ Addictive manufacturing · and many more

We are a one-stop heat treatment solutions provider. Our services include: Hardening · Tempering · Carburising · Annealing · Magnetic (Bright) Annealing · Plasma/ Gas Nitriding · Vacuum Brazing · Baking/ Sintering · Cryogenic (Subzero) Treatments · Metallurgical Tests · and many more

We also offer further value-added services, including failure analysis, interpretation of a report to customers, blueprinting solutions to problems, heat treatment consultancy, sourcing of special materials and consumables/ equipment, cost improvement consultancy for tooling and other products.

HITECH, your one-stop quality assured heat treatment solutions provider

Why choose Hitech?

Professional Service

Same professionalism no matter which customer or industry.

We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and propose solutions with the best value.

Trusted quality

Nadcap accredited quality, established from the ground up.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction drives our work ethics at every level on how we can better meet and exceed our customers’ requirements.

Technical Superiority

We know metals and we know our equipment and capabilities.

Our familiarity with materials, the latest technologies and processes stems from our drive for continuous learning and improvement, and equips us with the knowledge to understand our customers’ needs and serve our customers better.

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